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( 1) Regular lawn mowing

The best way to weed control or control weeds in the lawn is by regularly mowing the lawns.

Through my lawn maintenance service experience, I agree with the fact that when you let your lawn overgrown, you are giving weeds a chance to grow.

This usually happen during winter.

Majority of lawns are left without being mowed during winter. I may say they they are totally ignored. This allowed the grass weeds to grow, overtaking the lawns and killing them.

I can understand that some of us might be thinking, it's winter and the lawn is not growing so why not save time and money. "Let's leave the lawn for a couple of months without mowing" All of a sudden you see weeds overtaking your lawns. In most cases it is usually more expensive to try and cure rather than being preventive at the first place.

I have seen most lawns that are completely overtaken by lawn weeds. Weeds are even hard to mow, because they contain a lot of fluid in them. They are heavy to mow and causes strain to the mower engine. Not only that, they are also heavy to take away.

When we regularly mow our lawns, we are also cutting off weeds that are growing. Most weeds are soft and can easily die after we cut the top part off while mowing.

Regular mowing you are also mowing off lawn weeds seeds and flowers that might help them to spread.

By doing so, you are allowing your lawn grass to grow without any interference from grass weeds.

Weeds grow fast in any weather. They grow even fast during winter.

( 2 ) By hand. Hand pull out weeds in lawn

Another way to weed control lawn weed is pay pulling the weeds out.

You can do this by bare hands. You'll need to get these grass weeds out with the roots.

Use a pair of glove if you want with help of a knife or something sharp to assist you. This may be time consuming, but I assured you it's the cheapest way.

( 3 ) Weed and feed. Weed control

I used Weed and Feed in some of the lawns that I looked after and they do work very well.

I prefer to use the crystal weed and feed. They come in a crystal salt like thingy.

They are sold in most hardware stores in bags. They kill the grass weeds straight away in a day or two leaving the grass lawn healthy.

( 4 ) Lawn fertilisers

Use lawn fertilizers.

Lawn fertilizers will help the lawn to grow healthy overcoming the lawn weeds. There are a lot of lawn fertilizer in hardware store around the country that you can use.

Try something out. All these products are tested and proved to be good before they are sold in the market.

Spend a couple of dollars to purchase some lawn fertilizer. You will love to see you lawn growing healthy.

( 5 ) Lawn heights when mowing does control lawn weeds

The height of the lawn is also important to keep in mind when mowing lawns in regards to weed control.

When you cut your grass very low, you are also allowing the grass weed to grow.

Lawn Weeds grow faster than lawns. They do take advantage when the lawn is cut very low, to grow and overtake the Lawn.

So keep in mind the height of your lawn when mowing lawns.

During summer you can cut your lawn a bit lower because of the rain. Increase the height during winter, when the lawn are growing slow.

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Liquid Lawn Fertilizers In Organic Lawn Care

Liquid lawn fertilisers are a wonderful addition to the group of nutrients we have at our disposal to care for our lawns. These are the lawn fertilizers which are often based on seaweed, manures and other organic compounds, as opposed to the standard lawn fertilizers which are most often chemically derived.

Organic Fertilizers Are A Responsible Choice

Being naturally derived, these organic liquid fertilizers are not only gentle and beneficial to our lawns and pose almost no possible detrimental consequences to our sod, but also have the added benefit of never causing any type of damage to the environment.

Benefits Versus Downsides

The major benefit of these products is also the major downside to liquid organic fertilizers, which is their mildness. They are often very low in the vital major elements which lawns need to flourish at their optimum health. And of these major elements, Nitrogen is most important and most often only available in small amounts in organic products.

As Nitrogen is so vitally important for lawn health, we must take this factor into consideration whenever choosing or considering liquid organic fertilizers for use in our lawn care.

Organic Fertilizers - Finding The Right Balance

This consideration leaves us with one very important factor to bear in mind, which is that we should always use liquid organic fertilizers in conjunction with standard lawn fertiliszers for maximum benefit to our lawns health.

Specifically, this means shopping for organic fertilizer products which are high in Nitorgen, and then balancing out this organic fertilizing with standard chemical lawn fertilizers.

For a high Nitrogen organic lawn food, we can perhaps follow a 50/50 year round mix of both organic and chemical products. However, for lower Nitrogen based products, the liquid organic fertilizers should only account for around 25% of total year round fertilizer usage.

Instant Benefit of Liquid Organic Ferilizers

Because they are a liquid, liquid fertilisers will be immediately absorbed into the lawn within a very short space of time, giving the lawn an instant lift within a few days.

However, unlike regular fertilizers, a liquid organic fertilizer will not remain in the soil for very long, and will therefore require more frequent applications than other lawn fertilizer types.

Finding The Perfect Mix of Lawn Fertilizers

While there is still no magical solution to become totally organic with our lawn care just yet, new lawn care products are continuously improving and being released, and hopefully soon we can all switch to a totally organic lawn care regimen.

But until that day comes and these new product arrive, liquid organic fertilizers are a wonderful choice in our lawn care, but must always be used in conjunction with, and to complement our regular lawn fertilizer products.