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A beautiful TREE adds value to your land and home.

Trees are an important component of the natural landscape.

They prevent soil erosion and the provision of a weather-sheltered ecosystem in and under their foliage.

In the olden days our forefather can tell the change in the weather from the changes that takes place within a tree.

Some disadvantages about trees. Why we need to remove trees!

Trees can become an annoyance to us humans; With falling branches, leaves, seeds and barks.

Similarly they become breeding grounds to unwanted pests,insects and birds.

And when they age the inside gets rotten and falls unexpectedly.

All these can result in disastrous situation such as drain and gutter blockage,untidy compound and stained walls.

To make it worse Queensland is on the path of Tropical Cyclones and having trees in our compound can create more intense devastation.

Palm tree removal/ palm tree trimming service

*Palm trees look good once they are cleaned and looked after.

*A clean palm tree will also changed the look of your entire garden or yard

*Palm tree is a common tree found in our Local Ipswich areas.

*There are a few common species of palm trees in Brisbane.

*Palm trees are commonly found in most backyards in Ipswich 4305 areas

*Palm trees are nuisance when they started dropping leaves and seeds.

*They can make loads of mess when not looked after.

*An overgrown palm tree can be a danger to power lines.

*They can also damage your property or your neighbor

*They can also damage landscape

Cutting down trees - a long and risky process

Cutting down trees is not an easy task. It involved a lot of thinking, skills, time, cost, risk and money. It is not a one man job and not even a one machine job. It involved a lot of workers, who need to assist each other when performing a tree removal service or even a tree pruning service.

You have the climbers and the rest on the ground. The mulching will involve two workers to carry and feed in the tree branches to the mulching machine.

It is always a good idea to have a spare person that control and keeps an eye on the safety of all the workers when cutting trees. He may assist at any time when there is danger.

Tree cutting worker

A tree cutting service company workers have to be well trained.

Tree climbers are licensed and insured. This carried weight with a sense of security and at the same time it make the work easy and safe while performing tree service.

Tree cutting safety equipments

And not only that what I have mentioned above. Tree cutting service workers have to be well equipped with safety gears.

From safety shoes, reflective clothing, gloves, helmet. Safety harness, spiked shoes , safety glasses and ropes.

Tree cutting machines

Tree removal services company in order to provide a good tree cutting service, it is not only what I have mentioned above.

They need to have proper machines. From trucks; a tip truck is preferable, a high standard quality mulching machine, chain saws. A cherry picker is also preferable depending on the size of your tree cutting service company.

Why TREE removal service and Tree trimming service is sometimes expensive

I have highlighted above some background explanation of a tree service facts that all customers needs to know.

From risk and dangers, safety equipments, safety of the workers, cost of the safety equipment and also the cost of machinery used for for tree service.

I forgot to mention above about the cost of insurance paid to the insurance company and the wages of the workers. I also forgot to mention about the cost of disposal of waste. For example, palm trees cannot be mulched because of its stringy nature. It have to be disposed off to the dump. Dumping rubbish at the Ipswich dump is expansive. Ipswich city council is the most expensive dump in the whole of Australia.

These are all expenses our tree cutting service company take into consideration when giving our quotes.

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TREE Cutting - TREE lopping

Why do we need Tree clearance

1. To allow views

2. To prevent excessive leaf drop

3. To prevent branch breakage

4. To allow sunlight through to the pool, clothes line etc

5. To prevent interference with TV reception

6. To stop neighbors complaints against overhanging branches

7. To make the tree shorter and safer

8. To Prevent damage from storms

9. To minimize fire hazard

10. To avoid further damage to landscapes

11. To avoid damage to house foundations

12. To avoid damage to surrounding property

13. To prepare an area for development

Our Services Includes:

-Site clean up

-Tree removal

-Palm cleaning

-small tree removal

-Palm and tree removal

-Block clearing

-Yard clean-ups

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-Tree Removal


-Tree Lopping

-Mulching Tree Lopping Trimming

Areas we service

These are the areas our tree service company serve under Ipswich 4305, Queensland. Amberley · Ashwell · Augustine Heights · Barellan Point · Basin Pocket · Bellbird Park · Blacksoil · Blackstone · Booval · Brassall · Brookwater · Bundamba · Camira · Carole Park (Disputed) · Churchill · Chuwar (Disputed) · Coalfalls · Collingwood Park · Dinmore · East Ipswich · Eastern Heights · Ebenezer · Ebbw Vale · Flinders View · Gailes · Goodna · Grandchester · Haigslea · Ipswich · Ironbark · Jeebropilly · Karrabin · Karalee · Leichhardt · Marburg · Moores Pocket · Mount Marrow · Muirlea · New Chum · Newtown · North Booval · North Ipswich · North Tivoli · One Mile · Pine Mountain · Raceview · Redbank · Redbank Plains · Ripley · Riverview · Rosewood · Sadliers Crossing · Silkstone · Springfield · Springfield Lakes · Swanbank · Tallegalla · Thagoona · The Bluff · Tivoli · Walloon · West Ipswich · Willowbank · Woodend · Woolshed · Wulkuraka · Yamanto ·

Other services:l awn mowing, gardening, hedging, cleaning, backyard cleaning, bond cleaning, gutter cleaning, oven cleaning, tree trimming, tree cutting, general yard tidy up, tree stump grinding, labor assistance for cleaning, removal and yard

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Benefit From Native Plants!

Call our Service: (07) 38184193 or 0432373970

What exactly are native plants? They're plants are plants that have lived in a particular environment for many years without human influence. They offer many benefits for humanity, wildlife, and the ecosystem. Unfortunately, many people use exotic plants(alien plants) which may be invasive. By invasive, I mean they tend to be very competitive and spread throughout the land. In many suburban communities there are more exotic plants than natives, which is why there is less wildlife.

Did you know that many of our beautiful birds and other wildlife populations are threatened as a result of habitat loss? Some have even gone extinct like the Passenger Pigeon or the Carolina Parakeet. Not only that, but some of our popular trees such as the American Elm or the American Chestnut have practically been extirpated from the landscape as a result of foreign insects which came from exotic plants. If more people use native plants, we can benefit in many ways.

Save Money.

Did you know that by growing native plants you won't have to do nearly as much watering or other types of maintenance? Don't forget that they have been in your environment for thousands of years before you, so that means they can survive on their own. Usually you only need to water them when getting them established and they are very drought tolerant. Just think about how much money you could be saving.


Native plants have co evolved with native animals for millions of years. Many birds, mammals, and insects depend on native plants for survival. If you plant a variety of natives in your yard, you can expect to see many different types of birds and butterflies. You'll never have a dull moment. You'll also be contributing to helping insure the survival of many species. It's a win-win for you and the animals.

Ornamental Value.

Believe it or not, many native plants are just as uniquely beautiful as a lot of exotic plants. However, they're not as popular because they aren't sold as much in nurseries. We have lots of trees for fall foliage (Sugar Maple) and for flowering (Flowering Dogwood). We also have many beautiful flowers like the famous Purple Cone flower, Black Eyed Susan