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I will spend some times talking about homes and real estate agents in Australia.

I will also share some tips on how to find the right house or unit before you sign your real estate contract.

At times we impatiently rush to move houses but we latter on regret because we did not prepare our move carefully; or we rushed into our decisions

These are a few tip to follow when deciding to move house

Pre move preparations

It is wise to start with this pre move plan a month or two before your lease run out if you are renting.

Make the decision on the area that you wanted to move to. If you wish to move closer to your relatives, closer to your parents, closer to your kids, closer the kids school, closer to the city, out in the country side.

Talk about it with your friend and family and don't forget your partner if you have one.

Once you have decided the location or the suburb you want to move to and now it's time to plan out your move.

Don't rush into looking for a house straight away before you plan out your move.

There are a lot of houses out there for real estate rental waiting for tenants or real estate homes

Plan out how you are going to move your furniture

Plan out how you are going to move your furniture. If you are going to hire the removals or the family members will help you. Hire a trailer for a day, or hire a utility.

If you cannot afford to pay for the removal because they are so expensive, there are other ways.

I have seen families in the past who move almost everything in their cars except for the furniture and fridge.

You can do the same. Ask your family members or friends who have a utility to do you a favor and to help you move your furniture and You can pay for their fuel and lunch.

Cleaning before moving

Plan out your cleaning routine before you move. It will be wise to start your cleaning slowly. You can start from one room and slowly move to the other rooms. Include the bathroom and toilet.

Clean our your junks

At most times when we move, we take our junks with us. These are unwanted furniture, clothes, toys, plates and pots, gardening tools and so forth. Pack it up and give them away to families and friends and take the rest away to the rubbish tip. These junks a just source of stress.

Start your packing slowly

To avoid rushing it will the right time to Order in empty boxes and start you packing slowly. Choose what room you want to start from.

Local real estate agents

Now is the time to contact you local real estate agents and to look for a house. You already know what area or suburban you are moving to.

It is only a matter of looking for the location of your house. Take in to consideration the distance from the nearest supermarket, local convenience store, train station, bus route, your work place and the school for those who have kids. You can also consider the location of the hospital or doctors to those of you who are sickly.

Search on the internet and there are some real estate website that you can subscribe to. You enter the area you want to move to and they will send details of houses over to you for your decisions.

Things to take into considerations when inspecting a house.

Many time when we inspect a house, we only look at a few areas and neglected other issues.

Don't be too excited and rush over things

Remember that you'll be inspecting the inside and also the outside of the property

Remember that you are going to live in this house everyday with your family.

Take your time!

Check out;

The Number of rooms you want and also the size of the room.

Kitchen and dinning rooms are big enough that will suit your family

The security of the house. Fenced or not

Check if it have solar systems. you will save hundreds of dollars each year from having a hot water solar system in the house. This is also important

Your price range

The price range of the rent that you can afford.

What rate are you after?


Take a walk around the yard. Look at the landscape, size, trees and garden that grow there and see if you can maintain.

An estimate of how much it would cost for the yard to be maintained.

If you are going to maintain the yard yourself, how long will it take to mow and maintain it?

Many family neglect this, and they end up leaving their yard to overgrow because they can't look after.

Make sure that there no trees closer to the house that can be blown by strong wind or storm and may cause injury to anyone.

Trees also contribute to making a lot of mess to the yard from their dead leaves and falling small branches.


Parking areas are big enough and not too congested.

The road is safe and not dangerous to you and your family members.

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Some Tips when Relocating

Moving home is widely regarded as a stressful experience, mainly due to the number of things there are to organise and then carry out. If that move is taking place from one part of the country to another, that 'To Do' list is only likely to get longer. So what can you do to minimise the stress of this momentous occasion? Quite simply, you need to get organised. Here are 10 things you may need to consider to help your relocation go well.

1. There are many reasons for wanting to relocate, including being closer to a partner or because of landing a new job. If your move is not down to having a new job, finding one may be the first consideration you need to make. Finding recruitment consultancies or local businesses that fit with your experience may be your first step towards finding vacancies you can apply for.

2. Unless you're relocating and moving in with someone who already has a property, chances are that you'll need to find somewhere new to live. Finding local estate agents who can help you find the right home for your new life may be an important step.

3. If you have a job already lined up, but don't want to rush the decision over property, you may need to find a hotel in your new town or city that you can stay at. It can often be very difficult to find property while living so far away, while being temporarily based nearby may help you to start viewings.

4. When the time does come to push through the move, you may need to use a residential conveyancing solicitor to help sort out the legal aspects of selling your existing home and buying somewhere new. Property law can be quite complicated, so having an expert on hand to help will be a major bonus.

5. When it comes to looking around for property, one of the most important considerations will be regarding the proximity to good transport links, especially if you do not drive or will be commuting into a city centre.

6. If you have children, the areas you'll be looking in for your new home may come down to where the best schools or colleges are located. Searching and researching what education is on offer locally will help narrow your search.

7. One of the biggest aspects of any move is the removal of contents from your current home and transporting it to your new property. Removals firms will be able to ensure your possessions are packed up and moved safely to your new property.

8. If the timing of your move means that you will need to vacate your current home before your new property becomes available, finding a storage firm will be an important step to ensuring your possessions are secure and ready for you when you need them.

9. Once the move has been completed, one of the most important steps will be notify organisations that will need to contact you. From your bank and DVLA to the electric and water companies, each will need to be made aware of your move.

10. You'll also need to make sure you register with a new dentist and doctor, so you know that treatment is available within a convenient distance from your new home or workplace.