Lawn Mowing Service and Lawn Care Tips

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Lawn Mowing Service

Ipswich home and yard service, Lawn maintenance service and lawn care tips are your guide for a clean and good looking lawn.

A well maintained lawn determined the look of any home or place. From the front of your house to the backyard.

A well maintained lawn increase the value of any house either it's on the market, for sale or for rental.

Our Lawn Mowing service includes

1) Edging,

2) Brush Cutting,

3) Lawn Mowing,

4) Removing mulch,

5) Blowing driveway and around porch.

Our rates will only increased if the lawn is overgrown and untidy, or the actual size of the lawn is bigger. These are usually the corner blocks

Much bigger lawns are found in older areas of Ipswich and Brisbane. Suburbs like Booval, North Booval, Yamanto, Riverview, Raceview, Goodna, Gales, Springfield, New Town, and in Ipswich Town itself. The old Queenslander houses are build in a half acre, three quarter of an acre or even an acre blocks.

We all understand that the bigger the lawn, the more time and efforts needed to be put into it; and we get more rubbish after mowing so our charges will be more.


Mowing lawns and lawn care business

Mowing lawn and lawn care business is our service.

It requires patience, experience, energy and strength, time and money to complete the lawn mowing service.

Lawn mowing is a dirty and dusty job. Some people may wonder why we are doing this job.

We have different reasons. Different lawn care business owners have their own reason.

My own reason is not only money for living and pay bills.

I love what I do. I grew up in a sugar cane farm, and I love gardening, lawn mowing and other outside jobs which are part of the farm works.

I thank my GOD for helping me to run my own lawn mowing business; doing something I love and have confidence in.

Mowing Lawn Service

Our business provides ongoing lawn mowing service or a one off lawn mowing service for our customers. These also include lawn edging, brush cutting, blowing along the pergola and driveway plus removing mulch if need be.

We also assist in maintaining your lawn grass by tackling your lawn problems. We believe in manually getting rid of lawn weeds amongst the lawn grass, by simply pulling them out from the lawn grass.

We give our customers FREE quote on all our services.

We have discount price for pensioners and single parents.

We are proud to say that our company has one of the lowest rates for lawn mowing in the region.

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Some Lawn Care Tips

Never allow your lawn to overgrow

Never give weeds any chance! There are lots of weeds that can effect our lawns.

When we allow our lawns to overgrow, we are also allowing weeds grow amongst the lawn. Some weeds grow so fast that they can easily overtake the good lawns, thus causing the lawns to die. My advice is to pull the weeds out using a small gardening tools so you can easily get to the roots.

Never give weeds any chance!

Avoid Cutting your Lawn too low

Cut your lawns to a reasonable size. I usually cut my lawns using number 4 heights on my Honda mower. When you cut your lawn very low, there are a few risks that can come with it.

You are allowing some of a very fast growing weeds to grow. It's either from their roots that are already growing amongst your lawns, or from seeds blown around in the wind.

Listen to the Weather Situation

It is good to Understand the weather situation before you mow your lawns. The weather for the next few days or the week ahead. The weather situation can give you a rough idea on how high and low you may cut your lawn.

Try to alter the height of your cutting lawn depending on the weather situation.

Mow your Lawn regularly

Mowing your lawns on a regular basis have a few advantages. Initially it creates a good clean environment around your residence.

Secondly it is also a way of preventing weeds from growing.

Thirdly, a good and clean well maintained lawn is stress free.

I prefer to mow my lawn every week during summer. I know the grass is slow to grow during winter, but it is also wise to keep mowing your lawn regularly. This will avoid the weeds from overtaking your lawn and at the same time keeping your lawn neat and tidy.

Our prices

Our rates are reasonable if you want to compare it with other lawn mowing lawn companies.

Our starting rates is $45.00 to $50.00 for a normal size yard and grass.

We will charge more if your yard is bigger than the normal size yard and also if your grass is bigger or overgrown.


We give discounts to:

1) Single parents

2) Pensioners

3) Families that are struggling financially.

Most single parents, especially single mothers don't ask for discount. They are happy with our price and our service.

On a few occasions I have provided free services to some families in Ipswich who are really struggling financially. It's either mowing, spraying, brush cutting or all of the above.

I love to help people and there are also people out there who love to rip me off by not paying and refusing to answer their phone after our lawn mowing services have been provided.

Other services we provide

Lawn Mowing,Lawn Mowing Service, Lawn Coring Aeration (soon)




House Washing,

Driveway washing,

Backyard Cleaning,

Bond Cleaning,

Gutter Cleaning,

Oven Cleaning,

Tree Trimming,

Tree Cutting,

General Yard Tidy Up,

Rubbish Removal,

Labor assistance for cleaning, removal and yard,

FREE 2nd hand furniture for those in need. New family etc..

Share the living word of our Living GOD.

Below are areas we service for Lawm Mowing Service and Gardening Service

These are the areas under Ipswich 4305 that we service for lawn Mowing and Gardening Service.

Queensland. Amberley · Ashwell · Augustine Heights · Barellan Point · Basin Pocket · Bellbird Park · Blacksoil · Blackstone · Booval · Brassall · Brookwater · Bundamba · Camira · Carole Park (Disputed) · Churchill · Chuwar (Disputed) · Coalfalls · Collingwood Park · Dinmore · East Ipswich · Eastern Heights · Ebenezer · Ebbw Vale · Flinders View · Gailes · Goodna · Grandchester · Haigslea · Ipswich · Ironbark · Jeebropilly · Karrabin · Karalee · Leichhardt · Marburg · Moores Pocket · Mount Marrow · Muirlea · New Chum · Newtown · North Booval · North Ipswich · North Tivoli · One Mile · Pine Mountain · Raceview · Redbank · Redbank Plains · Ripley · Riverview · Rosewood · Sadliers Crossing · Silkstone · Springfield · Springfield Lakes · Swanbank · Tallegalla · Thagoona · The Bluff · Tivoli · Walloon · West Ipswich · Willowbank · Woodend · Woolshed · Wulkuraka · Yamanto ·

Post Codes of areas we serviced

4300, 4301, 4302, 4303, 4304, 4305, 4306

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Some tips to a beautiful lawn

Knowing the right way to mow your lawn can help it look beautiful.   Is it one of the best lawns in the neighborhood?  The easiest way to make your lawn greener than any of your neighbor's is to mow it half an inch higher than their lawn and mow more often.  Most people don't know how to mow a lawn at the right height or how often to mow.  Most people don't mow often enough & mow their lawn too short when they do.

Many people are lazy when it comes to mowing their lawn.  They want to mow it as short as possible so they don't have to mow again for a long time.  However, mowing the grass short causes a few problems.  When grass roots are short, they aren't able to develop deep into the soil, making it easier for the grass to burn and dry out quickly.  That is why short grass always looks more yellow than long grass (because it is).  Also, short grass won't react to fertilizers as quickly.

Some people don't mow their grass too short, but they don't mow often enough and their grass gets too long.  When the grass gets too long, they switch their focus of energy from the root system to the shoots (which actually increases the rate of growth).  The grass then becomes less dense because each plant is bigger.  Then if you try to mow long grass short, the lawn will look patchy and sparse creating the perfect environment for weeds to take over.

The best height for nearly 80% of all grasses is 2-3 inches.  Generally you want to mow your lawn high (2-3 inches) and often.  NEVER cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at once.  During really active growth this may require mowing up to two times per week, but it is well worth it for a beautiful green, weed free lawn.

A few lawn mowing tips:

1.  Leave cool weather grasses longer during the hot summer months.  It will help them retain moisture which will in turn help them stay green with less water.

2.  Sharpen the blades often (minimum once a year).  With sharp blades, not only does your job of mowing go more quickly, but it prevents diseases in your lawn. 

3.  Change the oil on your mower at least one time per year.  This will prolong the life of your engine.  On older machine you may even want to check the oil as often a once a month.  Running an engine with dirty or little oil is the fastest way to ruin it.

4.  When you don't bag the clippings, mulch.  Clippings break down very quickly and serve as extra fertilizer.  However, if you are ever cutting more than 1/3 of the blade (more than about one inch) bag because the clippings will just sit on the lawn and eventually develop into thatch.

Spencer Arnold is a landscaper and lawn mowing and lawn repair expert. If you have any problems with your lawn please visit our site and we'd love to help you.
Find out more about trouble shooting and repairing your lawn from dogs, moss, soil, water, fertilizing, sunlight, and other problems

How to mow wet grass

Once the lawn is mowed and the edges are trimmed, your garden straight away looks neat and tidy. This is why many of us spend considerable time, from mid-spring to early autumn cutting the lawn. However, we are faced with a challenge during the rainy periods.

Try not to mow the lawn when it is wet, but if you have to, be aware that the mower might push or slide over the grass instead of cutting it, which could result in an uneven finish. Sharpen the blades before the cut, to prevent tearing the grass, which would leave it weak. Some lawn diseases thrive in wet conditions, so it is important to remove all traces of water from the mower blades, and also the clippings from the cut grass. Set the lawn mower blades fairly high for a topping cut as you do not wish to put pressure on your lawn mower.

Reduce your mowing pace to avoid clogging. If you have to mow early in the morning, and you cannot wait for the lawn to dry, then it is best to brush the lawn first to disperse the dew. Never mow when the lawn is covered in frost as you could end up damaging the grass. Similarly, you should not mow in very wet weather as the wheels of the mower might sink in. Also, the lawn mower may get clogged by the grass cuttings if the ground becomes compacted by the mower and you walking on it. And do not forget to use a gas powered engine mower, as an electric lawn mower on wet grass could be dangerous.