Lawn labor or Lawn helper

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Lawn labor or lawn helper is slightly different from lawn mowing service.

Our lawn mowing service are involved on regular or one off lawn mowing service on a fixed rate.

Lawn labor or lawn helper service work on a hourly rate

Lawn helper, they can either work together with you, or they can work on what you wanted done on a hourly rate;

according to the numbers of hour you wanted them to work.

Lawn labor work can involve

lawn cutting,

pulling weeds,

lawn fertilizer,

lawn watering,

laying turf,


yard clean up,


trim trees,


collect rubbish,

spray weeds,

general yard tidy up,

and other work around the lawn or yard you can think of.

Lawn helper is our service helper

At times you'll need a lawn helper to give you a hand to get your work up to date.

Lawn maintenance is difficult when you simply don't have enough time to get around to do the work or you may be sick

The size of your lawn is also a contributing factor to your work load.

The bigger the lawn, the more work and time needed to be spend, to bring the work up to standard you wanted.

The stage of your lawn also contributed to the time needed to spend on improving the lawn.

At times we leave our lawn to overgrow which makes it worse.

Putting your house on the market or for rental?

Our lawn service helper are prepared to give you a hand. We can help prepare your lawn and yard and bring it to the standard wanted before it goes on the market; for sale or rental

A lawn service helper will save you your back, your time and your money.

Our rates

Our rates starts at $30 to $35.00 and hour per worker

We also guaranteed quality work is provided

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Conact us for a FREE Quote, Enquiry or Booking

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Introduction into Lawn Care

Lawn care is not as difficult as people think it is, and if you research well in the beginning, you will understand exactly what you need to do to produce great looking grass. All lawns require five main elements to make it grow, and thrive no matter where it is. These elements are grass seed, water, air, sunlight, and soil.

Choosing the Right Grass and Soil

Selecting the right grass for your garden conditions, and climate is essential. Although you may have soil already in place if it is not the correct soil, your grass may fail easily. There are several different grass types, and all of them suit different environments. Although you need a grass that will survive, and grow, you also want it to look attractive as well.

Choosing the perfect soil is essential as this is the basis for your whole lawn. If the base is perfect, you will find that the grass will grow far easier. Depending on your location will often determine what soil is available, however, choosing the best you can fine will ensure that your lawn has a fighting chance. If you put in the groundwork in the beginning, the lawn will take far less maintenance, and will survive.

How to plant new grass?

Planting the grass after it has been chosen is a job that needs to be done correctly, and there are several different methods to choose from. The ground that the grass is to be planted on needs to be prepared, and all old grass, and weeds removed. The soil should be turned, and fertilized to ensure that it is premium growing conditions. By mixing the old and new soil, you are providing the perfect base for the grass.

Spreading the grass seed needs to be done carefully and ideally with a spreader to ensure that the seeds are evenly placed. Having them too close together will cause the growth to be uneven, and patchy. The seeds should then be covered with a fine layer of straw to ensure that they do not blow away, or be eaten by birds. A sprinkler system should be used to obtain an even watering pattern, and no puddles will form.

Fertilizing the Lawn

Once your grass begins to grow you will want to keep it in great condition, and this will mean that fertilizing it is essential. You need to ensure that you understand what type of grass you have, the weather conditions, and time of year it is, and the type of fertilizer you aim to use. With all this information, you can guarantee that you are going to achieve the best results possible.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

With your grass beginning to take shape, and the lawn looking fantastic, you will need to know how to maintain the look. You want to ensure that your lawn remains looking luscious, and great every year. Knowing the perfect time to mow the lawn, and how deep to cut are essential parts of the maintenance. Regular mowing at the optimum length is the ideal way to keeping your lawn looking incredible.