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There has been a high demand of commercial and residential cleaning lately.

In the Ipswich regions, we read on daily newspapers the advertisement of small and big companies looking for commercial cleaning company.

Even on the internet, there are hundreds of companies who are searching for commercial and industrial cleaning contractors.

Building cleaning, commercial and industrial cleaning

We understand the important of keeping up to date with our standard of cleanliness in our office, factory, shops or in our workplace in general.

Most of our office and industries are constructed in a close environment.

This is to minimize the energy cost, and to also protect the products and the workers.

The disadvantage is, in a closed environment dust and bacteria have no where to exit but they circulate the room where people breath, thus causing sickness.

Cleanliness is also safety.

When workplace is clean, it is safe for workers and members of the public.A clean building produce a sanitary and aesthetically pleasing environment.It is Safe and pleasant to work in a clean and hygiene place

Our present service

-General office cleaning

-Office Buildings

-daily office cleaning, day or night,

-janitorial service

Our Price

We will walk with you and discuss your needs, desires, and priorities to come up with affordable rates

Our Commercial office cleaning services is simple

Are you looking for commercial office cleaning in Ipswich area? Look no further;we are here for you. We have been specializing in bond and domestic cleaning for a number of years.

Our clients have been impressed with the quality of our cleaning service that they have hired us to do their office cleaning.

Now we also specialize in commercial cleaning. We provide the following service:

- Sweep and mop floors

- Remove cobwebs

- Dust and clean tables, desks, cupboard, chairs & desktops

- Empty waste paper and rubbish containers

- Remove rubbish to disposal area.

- Clean bathroom/toilet & lunch area

Areas we covered

These are the areas under Ipswich 4305, Queensland. Amberley · Ashwell · Augustine Heights · Barellan Point · Basin Pocket · Bellbird Park · Blacksoil · Blackstone · Booval · Brassall · Brookwater · Bundamba · Camira · Carole Park (Disputed) · Churchill · Chuwar (Disputed) · Coalfalls · Collingwood Park · Dinmore · East Ipswich · Eastern Heights · Ebenezer · Ebbw Vale · Flinders View · Gailes · Goodna · Grandchester · Haigslea · Ipswich · Ironbark · Jeebropilly · Karrabin · Karalee · Leichhardt · Marburg · Moores Pocket · Mount Marrow · Muirlea · New Chum · Newtown · North Booval · North Ipswich · North Tivoli · One Mile · Pine Mountain · Raceview · Redbank · Redbank Plains · Ripley · Riverview · Rosewood · Sadliers Crossing · Silkstone · Springfield · Springfield Lakes · Swanbank · Tallegalla · Thagoona · The Bluff · Tivoli · Walloon · West Ipswich · Willowbank · Woodend · Woolshed · Wulkuraka · Yamanto ·

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Call or text on 0432373970 or 07 38184193

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3 Commercial Cleaning Secrets You Can Use at Home

Cleaning your home can be time-consuming and boring, but follow these three simple commercial cleaning tips and make the job a whole lot easier...

Set up a System & Supplies

One of the reasons commercial cleaners can do their work so quickly is because they set up a routine for the work and do this in the same order each time they clean eg: clear out bins, wipe desks, clean kitchen, clean bathroom & vacuum. They work out the most efficient order to do things in and stick to it.

In addition to this their supplies are always readily available, in the same place and well stocked. A commercial cleaner's kit will probably have fewer items than you would have at home - a mild detergent for most surfaces, a stronger detergent for dirtier areas such as showers and glass cleaner for spot cleaning of mirrors and windows. Add 5-10 face-cloth sized cloths (old towels cut up are great) and a spare toothbrush for tricky corners and you've probably got most of what you will usually need.

Create your own well stocked 'cleaning kit' and work out a 'routine' for the order of your cleaning and you'll probably find you can get those cleaning chores done in half the time.

Cleaning Windows

Here's a little commercial cleaning secret - when you need to do a full clean of your windows, the best cleaner doesn't come in a bottle.

The real secret to sparkling windows is warm water, a small scrubbing-brush (such as a nail brush), a window squeegee and a little bit of good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Lay a cloth at the base of the window to catch any excess moisture. Now dip the nail brush in the warm water, shake off excess water then gently scrub the window in a circular motion, making sure you get into those corners and edges. Now simply use the window squeegee and squeegee off the water in long strokes, either across or down the window, drying the squeegee blade after each stroke.

Sparkling windows for a fraction of cost of those expensive cleaners!

Streaks & Smears on Bench Tops and Other Hard Surfaces

If you are cleaning a non-porous surface, such as a bench top, remember that whatever you use on it will need to be buffed off thoroughly or you will end up with smears.

Take two cloths and spray a mild detergent on to your first cloth. Use this to wipe the bench top/surface then as soon as you have finished cleaning with the first cloth, take a second dry cloth and wipe the surface dry.

This will remove the residue and ensure you get that sparkling, streak free surface.

Use these commercial cleaning tips next time you do your own cleaning and get that professional clean every time!