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About 2 and half years ago I decided to sign up for Site Build it and to have my own business website.

I had no idea at all what I was going to sell or promote on my business website, but the idea of having my own online website business motivated me.

I studied Site Build It day and night, and at times I have to stay up late until the next morning.

Small business website design,

I latter started my own lawn mowing business, and it came at the right time when I was learning how to create a business website.

Starting an online website business is fun.

I had no idea how to use the computer accept to check my email and send email.

To hire a web design expert cost a couple hundred dollars, and even thousands but the question is. Will the business website they build will work?

Some website looks good, but they don't work.

They simply don't have the right keywords and contents people want.

Through site build it, I learned all these.

This course take four years to learn in any university, but it took me less than 6 months to get my small business website online and running.

As you can read on my business website the different service my business provide.

From lawn mowing, to cleaning, (domestics cleaning and commercial cleaning), tree trimming, backyard clean up. gutter cleaning, rubbish removal, oven cleaning, gardening etc.

I have more pages and services which I will latter include on my small business website in the near future.

No regret

I have no regret spending as little over $300.00 Australian a year to own my own website.

The biggest advantage here is that:

1) It is a cheaper way to promote my business

2) I can write whatever I want on my site

3) I take control of the whole site

4) I don't pay anyone to advertise my business but on my entire efforts

5) Having a website covers more areas than advertising on newspapers.

Start a business website

There are still a lot of business that totally rely on newspaper advertising.

I'm not saying it is bad, but it cost a lot more.

I find some company that are advertising on almost every newspapers I come across.

Imagine the amount of money they spent on advertising every month? compare to what they will spend when having their own business website.

Companies spend hundreds of millions dollars advertising a year.

Site Biuld It

Site build it is the future of small business like mine.

You can have your own website, by clicking on some of the links which I will have below.

Take your time and read through.

SBI Special limited time

Send me an e mail: skayservice@ymail.com

Text or call 0449068897

I'm willing to help give you more information if you have any questions.

Send me an e mail or check out this link. Have your question answered

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