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Moving Is Stressful

Moving is stressful and end of lease cleaning is a daunting task.

There is a lot of hard work and time involved and most people simply don't have the time and patience to bond clean their house, not to mention to clean the house to the standard of cleaning required to pass the final inspection from your real estate

Bond cleaning is not an easy task as I briefly mentioned above. It is time-consuming, back-breaking, and at the same time stressful if you are not careful.

To bond cleaning, some houses can take 2 to 3 days to complete depending on the size of the house and condition that it is in. I have come across some houses that it takes up to a week to complete. That includes inside, outside and removal of rubbish.

The aim is to clean the house including the yard to the top standard that it is ready for the market for new tenants or for buyers.

Our company is set up to help people and families just like yours, to solve your problems. With over eleven years of operation and experience have given our business the full confidence on how to solve your problem of moving without you worrying about the cleaning.

Our Bond cleaning or end of lease clean service also includes carpet cleaning service, rubbish removal, minor repairs, gurney cement areas around the house, yard clean up.

We can also return the keys on your behalf if you have moved inter-states or are just simply too busy.

Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer or online banking.

You can contact by email:, text or phone call 0449068897 Facebook messenger from our FB page "Home & Yard Service

Our Conditions

1) We kindly require that payments are made first before we start our cleaning. The main reason being a lot of people have done a runner on us after we have done the job. And its not our job chasing after you. This may not apply to companies and Real Estate companies.

2) All hangings posters, balloons and decorations are to be removed by the tenants before we clean. Some posters that are taped to the wall and ceilings can cause paint to peal off when removed. These are to be removed by the tenants and as it's not our responsibilities.

3) We can charge extra fees if the house is filthy dirty and rubbish laying around and not swept.

4) We can also charge extra if the oven is very dirty. We all know that cleaning oven is not an easy task. It is time consuming. Some oven can take up to 3 hours to clean.

We guarantee that we will conduct our work to the standard and at the same time we will communicate with the real estate agents IF there is any call back if in case we missed any spot.

Our Rates

Ipswich home and yard service is an affordable bond or end of lease cleaning company. As I mentioned above that we are not a franchise company which means that our cleaning rates is very competitive when compared with these cleaning companies.

Our Bond cleaning rates: Please note that these are our standard rates. It may be more depending on the size of the houses or the conditions of the house.

2 bedroom house or unit; $300 - $350. (up to $370 or more for much worse conditions) 3 bedroom house or unit; $400 to $450

4 bedroom house or unit; $500 to $550

5 bedroom house or unit; $600 to $650

*NOTE - these prices refer to standard size houses and therefore it will be a different charge if the house is bigger with more bathrooms and toilets, extra living rooms, bigger kitchen, extra long glass doors and windows or double story house,


If the house is in a total disorder that we may require to collect or remove rubbish or belongings left at the house.

So when you ring us for a quote, please be honest about the size of your house, the number of rooms, condition etc.

*Our rates DO NOT include carpets.

Our Bond Cleaning Checklist- End of lease clean. These are detail areas that we clean on our bond cleaning services.

1) Kitchen bond cleaning checklist

Bond Cleaning inside kitchens is time consuming. Oven alone can require a good solid hour to clean. In our past experience some ovens can take up to three hours to get it to the standard of a move out clean. We may ask foe extra payments if the oven is very dirty.

• Oven Cleaning

• stove

• kitchen bench

• wall tiles behind stove (De-grease)

. range hood

• sink

Kitchen drawers and cup board are also time consuming when cleaning the kitchen. Some houses may have an average of up to twenty cupboards and shelves alone. . drawers - inside and out

• cupboards - inside and out

. floors: Floors of kitchens are always dirty due to geezers from cooking oil and steams from cooking. Tiles are always sticky and black that needs to be removed.

. walls

. windows and tracks

2) Rooms: Bedroom, lounge room, dinning room, study room

• floors

. wardrobe mirrors

• wardrobe

. skirting boards

• door

. walls

• cobwebs

. windows and tracks

. ceiling fans

3) Floors

• sweep

• mop

• vacuum

. tiles scrub

4) Bathrooms bond cleaning checklist

• basin and bath tub

• mirror

• shower and shower screens

• cupboard fronts and drawers

• walls

. door

. window and tracks

. floor

5) Laundry area bond cleaning checklist

• floor

. sink

. sink handles and spout

• walls

. door / window

6) Balcony

• sliding doors

. Sliding door tracks

. cobb webbing

. floor

7) Toilet

. toilet pan

. cysten

. walls

. floor

. door

. window

. window tracks

. sanitize toilet

8) Others

. ceiling fans

. power points and switch

. air condition

10) Outside cleaning rates

We also provide outside clean up We also provide outside clean up.

Lawn mowing, rubbish removal, gardening, hedging and tree trimming.

We can provide a separate FREE quote for these service(s) upon request.

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Other Services

Other Services

Your end of the lease checklist

Even though you know the end of your lease is coming right from day one, often the deadline sneaks up on you without any notice and you find yourself in a flurry of activity to get things done. Moving house is not easy, or quick, but with good preparation, it doesn't have to be a 'bigger than Ben Hur' event. Likewise, your lease ending -- while it may mean moving out of a place you found very comfortable -- doesn't have to come as a shock. It is easier said than done but it's always good to be ready well in advance, whether it's preparing for your removalist, or packing everything yourself.

This is a brief checklist of things you need to do to prepare for the end of your lease.

Give yourself good enough notice

Your agent will give you almost a month notice when your lease is expiring -- but you should give yourself more. Set a diary notice two months prior to lease expiration so you can be ready and will not be in a mad rush when it's time to go. This will give you time to comfortably find someplace new that you are happy with, pack well, and clean thoroughly so you get your bond back. Make sure you know where you're moving to a good few weeks in advance so you know your new space requirements, and relax!

Address change

A few weeks prior to your move, make a list of all the institutions you will need to change your address with. A few days before, ring or visit them all to start the change process, and your new cards should be with you just after you move.


While most people realise they need to connect their utilities when they get to the new place, a lot forget to disconnect at the old place -- this means you may be liable for electricity or gas or water that someone else has been using. While generally easy to fix, it is easier to be prepared. Call your utility companies a week in advance, let them know the date you want to disconnect their service, and ask your agent for the relevant details of the new house to have reconnection automatically take place there just before you arrive.


It goes without saying you need to leave your house as clean, or cleaner than you found it. If you're doing it yourself, be thorough, check all nooks and crannies, and don't forget to check on areas with an eagle eye skirting boards, cobwebs in corners and all glass surfaces. If you are getting a cleaner, remember to look over the job to ensure it's done well -- your bond depends on it!

Extra time

Book your mover, or interstate removalist, if transferring, early, so you know you can be out well before your deadline. Likewise, try to get all the cleaning done a good few days prior to the move. This will mean your agent can come and perform the checkout prior to the expiry of your lease, and if they require any additional cleaning or quick fixes done to the house in order to award you your bond, you have time to complete them without being penalised, or paying extra rent.


If you are renting privately, make sure you remind the landlord to send away your bond application so you can receive your money back as soon as possible. Remember to also ask your agent or the landlord for a reference!