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Let us take a look at some information on Bacteria and its effect on our health.

What are bacteria?

Bacteria are living things that are neither plants nor animals, but belong to a group all by themselves. They are very small--individually not more than one single cell--however there are normally millions of them together, for they can multiply really fast.

A gram of soil typically contains about 40 million bacterial cells. A milliliter of fresh water usually holds about one million bacterial cells.

Bacteria are found every where

Scientists who specialize in bacteria - bacteriologists - say bacteria are found absolutely everywhere except for places that humans have sterilised.

Even the most unlikely places where temperatures may be extreme, or where there may be a high concentration of toxic chemicals have bacteria - these are known as extremophiles (an extremophile is any organism adapted to living in conditions of extreme temperature, pressure, or/and chemical concentrations) - these bacteria can survive where no other organism can.

Effect of bacteria as pathogens to humans (causes of diseases)

Some of the most deadly diseases and devastating epidemics in human history have been caused by bacteria.

However, the following bacterial diseases have destroyed hundreds of millions of human lives: • Cholera • Diphtheria • Dysentery • Plague • Pneumonia • Tuberculosis • Typhoid • Typhus

In the year 1900 pneumonia, tuberculosis and diarrhea were the three biggest killers in the USA. As water purification improved, vaccines and immunization programs evolved, and antibiotic treatment became more advanced - the human death toll in the USA from bacterial diseases has dropped significantly (as well as in the rest of the developed world). In developing countries, success rates have depended on several factors, such as the strategies implemented by local health authorities, and whether countries enjoyed periods of peacetime (no wars). Countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay, to mention but a few, have also seen significant falls in bacterial related deaths over the last 100 years.

Bacteria and the obesity epidemic

According to a study released by the International & American Association for Dental Research, bacteria may be a contributory factor in today's obesity explosion. .

BY-50 product. Our service.

Our service include:

Treating homes and areas with BY-50 for antibacterial treatment.

We can also train individual or company with the use of BY-50.

We supply BY-50 to anywhere around Australia.

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Inspect Mould at Home

How certain are you that moisture in your home is truly regulated and controlled so that mold growth can be completely avoided? Yes, this is a very tough question to answer, especially if you don't even know what mold looks like or where they can be found. However, there is no doubt that mold may be all around us.

To put things in perspective, mold grows all over the place and can be present in our current environment, and since mold can be cleaned but not completely eliminated if not tended to properly, then this is a very important concern. If, for example, you keep your home untidy with damp areas, mold will grow and spread all over the place. Overtime, this will result in the production of allergens and toxins which can be very harmful to you and your family.

On the other hand if you keep your home very clean, how can you be sure that you don't have any mold growing on your carpet because you bring in your dirty shoes inside your home or maybe have mold in your air conditioning or even behind your walls that you cannot see directly? Did you ever experience a time when you couldn't help but hear the sound of dripping water from your faucet? Maybe your bathroom is always closed tightly whenever you take a shower, not allowing the moisture to be released after running hot water. The result of this can be mold buildup in the bathroom which is also very unhealthy and may even cause skin allergies and breathing problems. Isn't it time to get a mold inspection done by a professional?

Some of us can't afford to ignore molds because of hypersensitivity to such kinds of micro organisms causing allergies, running nose, skin diseases and many other reactions to the air. To add to this is being in an environment that they may think is actually clean but in reality is very hazardous to their health. Another great place where mold can grow and build up is in the air conditioner. This device needs to be cleaned every six months to avoid growth of mold and bacteria so that you can enjoy clean air on a daily basis. Some actually see signs of irritation on their skin or seem to always have a runny nose and find themselves sneezing all the time. All of these things need to be carefully considered if you want to live in a mold or a seemingly mold free environment so that your health is always protected.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to catch molds just by looking. Molds can grow in unseen places, and some molds can only be perceived after conducting a moisture test in specific areas. If you believe there may be mold growing in your home, it's best to seek aid from a professional to get a reliable assessment performed right away.

Mold inspection has become a very popular service. Yet not all mold inspectors can be trusted. Make sure your contractor complies with professional guidelines on inspecting and handling moulds.

After mold have been clean, it is always important to use the right product to prevent the mold from coming back. It is also important to educate everyone on how to prevent mold.

BY-50 is an anti germs product with 6 excellent functions which creates cleaner and safe environments: anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal (mold treatment), Deodorizes (eliminates indoor air pollution for domestic and commercial use), Dirt and Stain Resistant and Decomposes Formaldehyde continuously for years.