How did the Internet help my business, which has local clients? This is what every business owner needs to know.

More than five years ago I started my small service business. My main concerned at that time like every business owners is how I was going to promote my business. I started off by putting flyers in the letterbox and had a few customers from that. I latter on decided to put my advertisement on the local newspaper. Boy, I tell you the truth, they are so expensive. Paying thirty-five dollars for a small box in the advertising column of the newspaper and very limited items you can add. You pay by the number of words you put and the size of the block you are advertising on. For two local newspapers, I was paying more than Seventy dollars a Week for my advertisement. That was way too much for a small business to survive. I was not getting what I need in return.

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Not many people read Newspapper anymore

Not many people read newspapers now. You drive past houses in Australia and all you can see are newspapers lying around in front of the letterbox and the driveway. No one bother to read them. They go straight into the rubbish bin.

I thought to myself. There must be a better way of doing this. I decided to take a look at the Internet. With not much knowledge of using the Internet, I sat down and searched for how can I have my own website.

To my excitement, I came across so many companies offering you deals and making promises on how they can help you to own your website.

Finding the Right Company

My big problem was finance. All these companies that I found are asking for up to eight hundred dollars and some even thousands of dollars to set up a website and on top of that you have to pay for monthly fees, for the hosting of your website. You also have to pay a separate fee for your domain name.

I came across SBI. I was so amazed with what they can offer for only $299.00 a year. $299.00 a year? I can have it trial for 90 days guarantee. That sounds good to me, because it takes more than a week or a month to decide if I’m right for SBI! After all, I am building a business, not just a blog. This is life impacting for the future of my business.

The beauty of this company, SBI is that they will help me step by step to learn along the way. I was excited about that.

It took me a couple of weeks to learn on how to set up my own website to promote my service online. All I was doing is writing articles and also learning how to put these articles together in the website. I was learning a lot from the SBI video guide

I registered my domain name and my business was live on the Internet. That was a very exciting moment. I can write anything I want about my service and there is no limit. I’m not paying for a small block with limited wording like I was doing with the newspapers. I’m not paying $70.00 every week to advertise on two newspapers instead, I paid $299.00 for the whole year with unlimited articles that can be seen through out the whole world.

My Lawn Mowing Service business advertised on the Internet

I can recall at that time my Lawn Mowing business was the only business that have it own website in Brisbane, apart from those big companies paid to advertise Lawn Mowing services.

A couple of years down the track, my business is never ever short of customers. My customers come to me. I pick those services that I felt like doing for the day and leave the rest. I know that there are a lot of business out there desperate for customers and as I write these articles, there are also some companies spending thousands and thousands of dollars a month for advertising.

I once met a business owner who was trying to sell me his service business. He told me that he paid twenty thousand dollars last year alone to a company to advertise his service. Twenty thousand dollars is a lot of money to pay for a small business to survive. I told him that I only spend USD $299.00 a year to advertise my business and he gave me a twisted look. I knew he must have thought I must be kidding. I also added to him that I have my own website that promote my service.

I know that my website may not a flesh looking website, but it is bringing me customers for my service which is more important. My reasons are that I did it on my own, even though I’m not an Internet expert but through the step-by-step guide of SBI. My service is advertised online twenty-four hours a day.

What did I get when I order SBI?

• Complete Step By Step Videos Detailing the proven process

• All the tools needed, All in one place, Nothing else to buy

• 24 Hour SiteSell Support

• Access to Private SBI! Forums

• Genuine, Long-Term E-Business Success

• 90 day Money – back guarantee The Video Action Guide leads you step by step through the process. The SBI! tools eliminate all the difficult or technical barriers. So you focus on your business. Everything is tightly integrated into one complete system of process, tools, and support, all for one low price...

SBI is totally different from other website builders. I have proved this. I hired a company in Canada to design a website for me. After paying them eight hundred dollars, I latter realize that they are simply hopeless. All they were trying to do is to make the website look beautiful, but in fact, no one can find it on the Internet.

It is not how beautiful your website is important, building a website that works. It is how easy people can find you when they search for what they want.

My second and third experience was, I thought I’ll go local and get two website done in Australia for other services for my business. This time, I paid one thousand and twenty dollars for one company and the other company I paid six hundred dollars. I latter regretted my mistake but it was too late. Up till now, I have not get any single enquiry from anyone in regards to the services these sites are promoting.

So what am I trying to say here is I have come to my conclusion that SBI site are still the best. SBI sites are website that works. They are affordable, reliable and worth your money. I haven’t done anything on my present SBI business site for the last six months and it is still on the first page of Google when you search for the service I provided in my area.

I even get inquiry from around the world in regards to my services, just to show that having a website is not limited to the local area I lived in but the whole wide world.

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