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Born and Raised

I was born on a small remote island on the eastern part of Fiji

I grew up and started school on my family Island called Cikobia. A beautiful island, blessed by our Almighty God. With undisturbed landscape and surrounded by unpolluted ocean. There is nothing else we can ask for, but just to receive and enjoy the blessing we are given

The population of my island is under a hundred. That is not including those who are living and working in other parts of Fiji and those who are living overseas. This may sound strange, but the fact is that the whole villages are related.

We have our own school. The school teachers are appointed and send by the government to serve their terms on the island.

Communication and Transport

We have a small transmitting station on the island. It is managed by the village head. Communications is through radio telephone. In 2009, mobile phone was introduced to the village. Now we can communicate 24 hours a day.

Boat is the main form of transport to travel from our island to another. To travel to the hospital which is on another island takes about three to four hours depending on the weather.

We don't need cars on the island because of the size. We travel around the island on foot and on horse back.

It can take an adult a whole day to walk around the island

Fishing and sea food

Do you love fishing? The ocean is so rich that catching fish is not hard. It is your choice. To go out diving, by boat or just to take a walk along the sandy beaches and fish using a fishing line or a spear.

I can still remember when I was little boy. I was walking along the beach with my Dad to our plantation when a big school of small fish were chased towards the shore by sharks and other big fish. The tide was high. We did not have any spear, so my dad just walked down and started chopping the big fishes with his cane knife. We took a few fishes with us for our BBQ lunch.

On our way back to the village, the tide was low tide. We found a lot of dead fish washed to the shore. They were the one which got injured from my Dad's cane knife.

If you love fish and sea food. You can have them for morning tea, lunch, and dinner.


The village have a big water tank that everyone uses to cart water for drinking. The villagers use containers and bucket to carry water to their homes. Some family have their own water tank outside their homes.

For bath and washing, we use spring water. This spring water are only found at certain spot on the island on the beach.

During low tide, the villages dig the sand and below the sand are tubs shape stone with spring water coming from the bottom of them. The sand are cleared away nicely allowing these tubs to be filled with fresh cold water. They are used for washing and bath.

During high tide, these tubs are covered again with sand.

My family

I come from a family of ten children

I moved permanently to Australia, in 2001

I settled in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

I'm married. We are blessed with five beautiful children. We all live in Ipswich. We love Ipswich. We will find it difficult to move from Ipswich because we have fully adapted to the weather and lifestyle here.

Ipswich, 4305 Queensland

With our small business we tried our best to provide service to the whole Ipswich 4305 regions.

Ipswich 4305 is one of the fast developing regions in Queensland. Thousands of people are moving in from all over the country to settle in Ipswich. Houses on sale and rent are much cheaper

Our services includes:

lawn mowing gardening hedging cleaning backyard cleaning bond cleaning gutter cleaning oven cleaning tree trimming tree cutting general yard tidy up tree stump grinding labor assistance for cleaning, removal and yard

FREE 2nd hand furniture for those in need. New family etc..

Share the living word of our GOD.

Areas we provide service to

These are the areas under Ipswich 4305, Queensland for our Ipswich Home and Yard services cover. Our service includes awn mowing gardening service hedging service cleaning service backyard cleaning service bond cleaning service gutter cleaning service oven cleaning service tree trimming service tree cutting service general yard tidy up service tree stump grinding service labor assistance for cleaning, removal and yard service

FREE 2nd hand furniture for those in need. New family etc..

Share the living word of our living GOD.

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Phone or Text: 0449068897 or 07 38184193

Putting my business online. I had no regret. Majority of people nowadays searched the web for business

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How to turn your hobby to your business

Are you tired of working for others? Have you ever thought of starting your own business from your hobby or something that you have and interest in?

I grew up on my small village and latter moved to my father's sugarcane farm. Sugar cane farming is not an easy task especially when almost all work are done by hand. In Fiji, if you totally rely on sugar cane for your finance you'll be broke all the time. The government takes a good potion of your income because it's one of the few way the government makes her money.

I learned so many things growing up on the farm. From gardening, weeding, lawn mowing, weed spraying, cutting trees, trimming trees, back burning and controlling fire, yard cleaning up, forest clearing, cleaning, flower gardening, vegetable gardening, garden maintenance, yard maintenance, harvesting, hedging, brush cutting, well digging, maintenance work, small carpentry works, breeding fish, chicken farming, pig farming, goat farming and my list goes on.

You'll see that majority of these services are what I have included to my service on my business.

What I'm trying to say here, I used all these past experience to start up my own business.

Many people think that in order to start your own business you need to go through some sort of business education, accounting courses etc.

You can learn all these while in the process, when your business is running.

You are to be prepared to work on your own to get your business off and running.

I have been running my business for a few years now and I'm enjoying being independent. I'm my own boss, my own accountant, my own driver, my own manager and chief C.O

Above all, I believe in the power of totally relying unto my GOD for His divine guidance and direction. I believe He gave me the idea to start my business. The courage to start. He open up the doors to finance my business and the idea to start my own website to promote the business.

Areas I service

Ipswich, North Ipswich, East Ipswich, West Ipswich, Booval, North Booval, Newtown, Basin Pocket, Eastern Heights, Raceview, Woodend, Coalfalls, Silk Stone, Blackstone, Leichhardt, One Mile, Brassal, Tivoli, Flinders View, Yamanto, Churchill, Deebing Heights, Ripley, Swanbank, Wulkuraka, Sadliers Crossing, Bundamba, Karalee, Chuwar, Riverview, Redbank, Redbank Planes, Collingwood Park, Gailes, Camira, Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Bellbird Park, Carole Park, Augustine Heights, Bellbird Park, Brook Water, Basin pocket, New Chum, Goodna